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Person name

Ukrainian EnglishResearchers of the AcademyKavsan Vadym Musiiovych | LibNAS - Library Portal of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Biology. Biology.
Kavsan Vadym Musiiovych
(1939 - 2014)
Corresponding Memberof NAS of Ukraine - Department of Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology

In the NAS of Ukraine з 1964–2014

Institutions of the Academy
1964–1973 D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology an Virology
1973–2014 Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Scientific journals (editorial board):



Institute of Information Technologies of VNLU

+38 (044) 525-36-24
Ukraine, 03039, Kyiv, Holosiivskyi Ave, 3, room 209